ALL-transport A/S was established in 1987, and we have our offices in Sarpsborg. We are today mainly acting as shipbrokers trading selfdischarging vessels on T/C, or under our Coa's, and when in need to get specialized tonnage available, also to step in as owners. We also do competitive brokering mainly full European trade, and clearance is effected in Borg port which covers Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad. Selfdischargers can be utilized world wide in almost any shipping pattern, and we work hard to accomplish a more wide range of operations for these effective type of vessels.  We as brokers also have maritime education and experience, with many years of employment on the same type of vessels we today manage. The advantage with this experience is the fact that we have the knowledge of how to handle different cargo types in also a practical way. Our aim for the future is to be a part of industrial shipping home and abroad and especially within the development of new trades within our niche markets.


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